List of events | Village de Senneville

The Village of Senneville offers many special activities to highlight various events:

Earth Day

Saturday, April 23, 2022 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

At the George-McLeish Community Centre | Senneville Park

Québec's biodiversity, a world to discover (in French/ bilingual speaker)

Virtual presentation by Ecomuseum at 1 P.M. at the Community Centre.

Dive into the mysterious world of Québec’s wildlife and discover the animals’ secrets to surviving in what can sometimes be a harsh climate. Students will get to know the fauna with which we share our environment. Amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals will all contribute to captivating the audience with an interactive presentation which includes live animations, videos, quizzes, photos and more!

Insect exhibition from around the world!

Presented by AnimaNature at 2 P.M. at the Community Centre.

Tarantula, scorpion, praying mantis, millipedes are waiting for you.

Come and see a presentation that explains the importance of insects in nature!

Tree identification (45 minutes)

2:30 PM: (Bring your binoculars, please dress appropriately, family activity, meet at the community centre)

Senneville has a wide variety of native trees, meaning that they grow naturally in this region. Moreover, its trees change with the seasons and the years. There are many ways to identify trees, some easier than others.

The most common is to observe the leaves or needles. However, they are not present in all seasons. In the fall and winter, you can also tell a tree by its buds, although this is more difficult. Another technique often used is the observation of the bark. It should be noted, however, that bark changes with age. It often becomes thicker, rougher or rigged.

Small healthy bites

Come and enjoy small appetizers specially designed for Earth Day in Senneville.

The bites will be prepared by local family business Les 3 sœurs.

Photo Contest

Senneville invites its citizens to participate in a photo contest on various themes aimed at highlighting the attractions, landscapes and community of Senneville.

Dear photographers, young and old, participate in the photo contest and get a chance to have your pictures immortalized in the municipal magazine as well as on the Senneville website and Facebook.

Electronic product collection (EPRA)

As a recognized industry-led not-for-profit organization, EPRA-Québec provides an approved environmental compliance program for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of electronics marketed in Québec. It is responsible for implementing and operating, on behalf of its stewards, a responsible program for the recovery and reclamation of electronic products. Its Recycle My ElectronicsTM program includes close to 1,000 authorized drop-off points accessible free of charge across the province.

Collection at the municipal garage from April 20 to 22

Electric vehicle (EV) test drive

Did you know that the AVÉQ offers you the exclusive opportunity to test drive an electric vehicle of your choice in your region, in the company of its owner, absolutely free!

A test drive with an experienced volunteer owner is the best way to experience all the benefits of driving an electric vehicle. 

There are more than 800 volunteer owners throughout Quebec who are happy to answer your questions and are in the best position to advise you according to your needs.


Winter Carnaval

February 12nd, 2022, from 1PM to 4PM
Senneville park (20, Morningside Avenue)

Come celebrate the joys of winter at the Senneville Winter Carnival! On February 8th, While respecting the sanitary measures in force, on February 12, plenty of winter activities await you and your family at Senneville Park.

Interactive games

Mobile Farm

The Favourite | La Ferme Quinchien

4 small goats, 2 sheep, 1llama, 1 donckey and 1 mini pig

Choice of hens, roosters, chinchillas, ducks or rabbits

The animals will be in their mini-houses and enclosures.


Snowshoes rental, sliding, hockey, snow sculptures.

Some of your 2022 Lifeguard and Day camp councellor will be waiting for you there!

Veterans Commemoration Ceremony - Parc du Souvenir

 Friday, July 9, 2021

The Parc du Souvenir Veterans Commemoration Ceremony was held on Friday July 9th, 2021, officially opening the Senneville waterfront park. Parc du Souvenir pays tribute to the Veterans of World Wars I and II as this peaceful green space was originally part of the Senneville Lodge where many returning veterans recovered.

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