Green tips

Engine Idling

Stop the engine, the environment will be better off and so will your vehicle.


The road to recycling

Are you like many other citizens that believe that your recycling is sent directly to the landfill?   Think again, nothing is further from the truth.  This idea is an urban legend since from the moment you put your blue bin out to the road, your recycling takes the road to a new life!


You may find other ecological tips on the RECYC-QUÉBEC website!


Dandelions and Weeds

Dandelions: To minimize the spread of dandelions, you need to cut the flowers before they produce seeds.

Weeds: To reduce the growth of any weed, you need to keep the lawn higher, especially in times of drought.

Gardeners tips to get rid of dandelions

If you do not want or cannot use weed killer, and if you are not compelled to uproot every dandelion, you can try one of these well known trick gardeners use to weaken and progressively eliminate dandelions:

Tip # 1 : Cut the clump of dandelions flush to the ground and then sprinkle on some coarse salt.

Tip # 2: Spray each foot of dandelions with boiling water, or better yet with the cooking water from pasta or potatoes. (as hot as possible).

Tip # 3 : Spray white vinegar in the heart of each dandelion clump.


Mosquitoes and stagnant water

In order to prevent an infestation of mosquitoes, please remove from your property any objects that could accumulate rainwater, especially wading pools and toys.