Septic tank drainage program

The municipality adopted a bylaw to control the maintenance and regular emptying of septic tanks.  Every two years, tenders for the contract to pump out residential septic tanks is awarded to the lowest bidder. Click here to view the bylaw.

Every 2 years, operation starts in September and the emptying of septic tanks end before the end of November. A written notice is provided to residents approximately two weeks before the 5-day period during which the tenderer will carry out the work, so owners can ensure that their septic system is accessible. Although there is no charge for the drain, there could be additional costs if the contractor is unable to access the septic tank.


Tax credit for the upgrading of residential waste water treatment systems

You may be entitled to this tax credit if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You were resident in Québec on December 31 of the year covered by the claim (or on the day you ceased to reside in Canada).
  • You or your spouse had work done to upgrade the residential waste water treatment system of an eligible dwelling under a contract entered into with a qualified contractor after March 31, 2017 but before April 1, 2027 (generally speaking, an eligible dwelling is a dwelling you own in Québec that is your principal residence or, subject to certain conditions, a cottage).
  • This work was paid for in the year covered by the claim.

This tax credit applies to 2017 through 2027 only. 

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