Drinking water

Certain areas of the Village are served by an aqueduct network required for the fire protection and consumer needs. This service is carried out by filtration plant located in the Pierrefonds-Roxboro district, and it is a Montreal agglomeration responsibility.


Each year, during the month of May and the months of September and/or October, the public works is flushing the aqueduct network and inspect the fire hydrants. This is usually being carried out from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 3 pm. It consists of evacuating the particles and fragments attached on the inside walls of the aqueduct network pipes. Then, we evacuate the soiled water by fire hydrants

This large-scale operation can be at the origin of a light reduction in water pressure or may tint the water in a reddish (rusty) color; which may cause certain inconveniences, such as spots on fabrics. It is recommended to avoid clothes laundering and dishwashing during the flushing hours. If your water turns rusty, you have to open the cold water tap of your bath and let it run until discoloration.


Only a small portion of the Village is linked to a waste water sewer system. The treatment of that waste water is a Montreal agglomeration responsibility.

Septic tank drainage program

The municipality adopted a bylaw to control the maintenance and regular emptying of septic tanks.  Every two years tenders for the contract to pump out residential septic tanks is awarded to the lowest bidder. To view the bylaw.

Every 2 years, operation starts in September and the emptying of septic tanks end before the end of November. A written notice is provided to residents approximately two weeks before the 5-day period during which the tenderer will carry out the work, so owners can ensure that their septic system is accessible. Although there is no charge for the drain, there could be additional costs if the contractor is unable to access the septic tank.


To know more:

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