Municipal regulations

Municipal by-laws of interest (non-exhaustive list, non-official documents)

On this page you will find a list of some of the the main municipal by-laws in force in Senneville. This list does not include all the Village of Senneville by-laws: only those which have the most interest for the population.

Disclaimer: The texts presented in this section do not replace the Village of Senneville official texts. The municipality does not guarantee that they are complete or current at all times, although every effort is made to ensure their accuracy. The municipality assumes no responsibility for the differences that may exist between the official text and the texts appearing on this site.

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Bylaw no°



Parking, traffic and safety regulation (French version only)


Arms regulation


By-law concerning dogs and dangerous dogs and repealing by-law number 239


By-law concerning the snow removal of public roads, private entrances and parkings


By-law governing the maintenance of tertiary treatment systems with disinfection using ultraviolet radiation on the territory of the Village of Senneville


By-law governing connections to the sanitary sewer and storm drain systems on the territory of the Village of Senneville


Modifying by-law no.424 concerning the creation of a working fund


By-law governing the exterior use of pesticides and replacing bylaw 359 on same subject


By-Law respecting agreements for the realization of work relating to municipal infrastructure and equipment (French version only)


By-law controlling the maintenance and drainage of septic systems on the territory of the Village of Senneville


By-law governing connections to the municipal aqueduct


By-law governing filming for the purposes of producing films, shows, advertisements and photographs


By-law concerning eligible tariffs for the property and services offered by the recreation service and establishing the rules applicable to users of recreational activities and for the use of the equipments and facilities


By-law concerning the rehabilitation and/or replacement of segments of the watermain on Senneville road and on Elmwood avenue


By-law concerning the delegation of powers to officers and employees of the municipality, the budgetary controls and monitoring


By-law decreeing the tariffs, tax rates and payment terms for fiscal year 2019


By-law determining the remuneration of elected municipal officers


By-law concerning contractual management


Modifying By-law concerning contractual management


By-law concerning the replacement of sections of the main waterway conduct on Mckenzie Avenue and on Senneville Road and the rehabilitation of drainage sections of basin no. 4 (phase 1) of Pacific Avenue, Mckenzie Avenue and Senneville Road to authorize, for this purpose, a long-term loan of $1,876,437


By-law pertaining to nuisances, public health and security, repealing by-law no. 428


By-law decreeing the tariffs, tax rates and payment terms for fiscal year 2020


By-law concerning the division of the territory of the Village of Senneville into six (6) electoral districts


By-law relating to the establishment of a financial assistance program for the replacement of a tree

CMM 2001-10

By-law concerning the use of solid fuel-burning devices and fireplaces