Draft by-laws

On this page you will find a list of draft by-laws available for consultation. Any proposed by-law may be amended at any time before the by-law is adopted.

Draft Bylaw no°



Draft by-law No. 448-8 modifying the zoning by-law No. 448 with regard to the diameter and height of the trees - French version only


Draft by-law No. 452-7 modifying the by-law No. 452 on the Site planning and architectural integration programs (PIIA) regarding the addition of objectives and criteria for new constructions, accessory buildings and constructions, landscaping and sustainable construction techniques in zone R-03 - French version only


Draft-by-law No. 485-1 modifying by-law No. 485 relating to the establishment of a financial assistance program for the replacement of a tree


modifying by-law number 466 to increase the expense and the long-term loan for an additional amount of $ 1,476,606


By-law establishing the code of ethics and good conduct for the municipal employees of the Village of Senneville

For more information, please contact the municipality by phone at 514-457-6020 or by email info@villagesenneville.qc.ca